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Setting out to complete the FIRST unsupported unassisted traverse of the Southern Patagonia Ice Cap.


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Preparation for participation in a polar expedition such as skiing to the South or North Pole or a Greenland crossing.

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We specialize in offering you incredibly exciting expeditions, to the awe inspiring cold and frozen landscapes of our world! Whether its a short or long haul trip to the North or South Poles, traversing Greenland, Patagonia or any other of the ice caps by ski, foot or kite, or a trek in the footsteps of our early century explorers. We thrive in the extreme environments of the planet and enjoy our clients companionship.

Founder, Charlie Paton, was the first Briton to walk unsupported to the Geographical North Pole and has since trekked thousands of kilometers across the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland, and has stood on the Geographical North Pole a further 7 times.

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    World leading expedition photographer Martin Hartley used a specially tested Leica camera to beat the extreme conditions on a recent successful expedition to the North...